Alessandro Latif Driver Profile


Height (cm)


Weight (kg)




Body Fat (%)

54.0 +

VO2 Max (ml/kg/min-1)

Multicultural Background

The young in both Developed as well as Emerging Countries will have a cultural connection with Alessandro. Alessandro is polite, well educated, speaks multiple languages, and comes from a multi cultural background. He appeals to a wide variety of backgrounds. Alessandro is someone to whom a third of the world's population can relate to.

National Citizenship

Spoken Languages

Family Lineage

Alessandro's Influence

Mohammed Ali, Kobe Bryant, Ayrton Senna Jacky Ickx, Elon Musk, Kendrick Lamar

Alessandro's Education

Marlborough College, Wiltshire 2009-2014 Università Bocconi 2016-2019

Alessandro's Sports

Skiing, surfing, sport climbing, tennis swimming, water polo, sailing

Alessandro's Interests

economics, physics, cuisine, traveling spending time with friends and family

Alessandro's Likes

Italy, music, sunlight, poker dogs, family

Alessandro's Dislikes

bad weather, cold showers sweets

Strong Education

There are many athletes but few who are well spoken brand ambassadors….Alessandro’s strong academic background and intellect is unusual for a top athlete and helps him to be an articulate and well spoken ambassador for firms wishing to project their brand image in a positive way.

Alessandro’s continued study of Economics and Finance at world renowned Bocconi University in Milan makes him highly aware of world issues and means he can engage with a sponsor firm and its clients at a high level and position the brand and its products in a highly value added way.

Destined for Success

Alessandro has enjoyed success at every level – karting where he competed at World Championship level; endurance racing where he was the youngest ever winner of major endurance races; Blancpain GT racing where he was Pro-am Champion in his first year.

Once again, a sponsor firm is likely to be associated with a winning image. When one allies this with Alessandro’s multi cultural background – Italian and Indian lineage, english education,  the firm and its products will reach out to a global audience.

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